Natural Ways To Kill Spider Mites

When You Get Spider Mites On The Leaves Of Your Tomato Rosemary, Hibiscus Plants You Need To Take Action Fast.

Start By Getting Rid Of The Spider Mites Already Present.

The first thing you need to do is wash your plants very good underneath the leaves. Use a strong but not to strong stream up water and give the underside of the leaves a good rinse. You can use a natural soap too, the soap will help kill the Spider Mites Too.

Choose Your Plan To Get RId Of The Mites


  1. I personally use and suggest you use Einstein Oil which is a High-Quality Neem OIl. The great thing about you using Neem Oil is this pesticide work against Pest and Not Beneficial Insects. The oil will repel your pest by messing with there hormonal system and they will starve themselves.
    1. MIx Your Neem Oil according to the instructions, which should be Tablespoons Per Gallon. Spray your plants early morning. When you spray the plants completely soak them.
    2. Don’t Make The Mistake and just spray your plants. Spray the whole area and perimeter of your garden. You can use a Hot Pepper Spray for the perimeter.
      1. I use 1 Teaspoon Cyanne Powder, 1 Teaspoon Garlic Powder, 1 Tablespoon Castle Soap and 2 Tablespoons Oil per gal of water, I use Neem Oil. You can also purchase it premixed. Spray every 7 to 14 Days. Insects hate this mixture when I spray This Mix before daylight I wear a light on my head and I will get swarmed by insects attracted to the Light, by the time I’m finished there is No Insect around. They run and tell their friend to run too.

Bugs That Love To Eat Spider MIte

Predatory MItes-Bu Ha Ha Ha

Predators Mite are not insects they are Arachnids that prey on Sper MItes. They have No Mercy they feed on all stages of the Spider Mite eggs, nymphs and adults. They will also feed on your other plant-feeding mites your garden like the Rust and Bulb Mite.