How To Get Rid Of Spider Mites On Hibiscus

Are Those Spider Mite Annoying You?

There’s a couple of ways you can get rid of them. You get rid of them on the hibiscus plant first, Next, you treat your hibiscus plant.

Get those Spider MItes off you your plants.

They are vampires and they are sucking the life out your plants right now. Take a water hose to adjust the water stream to where it won’t damage your plants. Spray the underside of leaves with enough pressure to blast them off plants. You can do this daily until you get your treatments.

Treating You Hibiscus Plants.

I use a combination of Floliar Treatment and Systematic Treatment.

Foliar Treatment

You should use a combination of Neem Oil and gentle soap. The brand of Neem OiI use is Einstein Oil and Bonide Neem Oil. If you are into contest go with Einstein Oil.  For soap, you can use Castle or Ivory Dish soap. You should spray your plants when it not too hot. I always apply mine at night, you can do it in the evening. Mix by Label, I use 1 to  2 tablespoons per gallon and 1 teaspoon of soap. You can treat your plants every three days then once a week when you get the spider mites under control. When the Neem OIl soaks in your plants and the spider mites suck on the leaves it will mess their neuro system up. They will starve to death. The soap will break down their wax coating and dry them out. Don’t just treat the plants, treat the whole surrounding area. That the mistake most people make, the spider mites may die but they will keep coming from surrounding area. For Example, you will notice dead roaches in someone’s house after pest control comes, it’s because they did not treat the yard or put a perimeter around the house.

Systematic Treatments for Spider mites.

When applied to the soil your Neem OIl will last 20 days or more.  Mix 1 to 2 Tablespoon and one Teaspoon of detergent per gallon.  The Neem Oils active ingredients that kill Spider Mites will go through your plant’s veins like an IV does to a patient at the hospital.