Spider Mites What you need to know about them

Spider MitesSpider Mites

Spider Mites Nerd Facts

What are they, these suckers are Vampires that suck the life out of your plants. There are many species of them, some make is more common in your area than others. They are not insects, spider mites belong to the arachnids, yes, they are ken to spiders, ticks, and scorpions.

Spider Mite suck the life out your plants. They live on the underside. They are hard to see with the naked eye. But, you can do the damage. The leaves may turn yellow and fall off. The most noticeable sign you will see is the yellow and white speckles. They will also leave web like silk on the foliage. This will collect dust and present to you a dirty look.

Life Cycle of spider mites are all the same, adult females lay their eggs on your plants. The eggs will hatch. Then, out comes the Larva these little mini vampires will suck in your plant’s blood for a few days and seek a place to rest. They will have developed to the nymphal stage. Now they have four pairs of legs. Now they suck the life out your plants for a couple of more day and rest. Now they molt into the second Nymph, feed, rest and develop into adults. Then repeat the cycle. This is why persistent Syringing is effective: It will keep most of them, plus the eggs washed off.  Syringing is spraying plants off with water, it’s a great practice if you release predator mite or other natural predators.

I Personally use oils.